Northwest will begin charging for a second checked bag in early May. It joins a larger trend set to make traveling light the only economical more»

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The open-skies countdown ended yesterday when the new agreement took effect. Now we wait and see how it will impact airfare routes and more»

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"Unfair competition" has driven Aloha out of business. Monday, March 31, will be the last day for passenger operations, including the airline's inter-island and transpacific more»

U.S. passport (Photo: Index Open)

Homeland Security has postponed the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative to June 1, 2009, at which point all American citizens will be required to present a passport at the Canadian and Mexican more»

Taj Mahal, Agra, India (Photo: Ingo Jezierski)

New service from San Francisco to Mumbai via Shanghai will start on May 5. Jet Airways' route map continues the trend of more flights connecting the U.S. and more»

Delta has joined American in canceling hundreds of flights this week. The inspections are part of an FAA investigation into all U.S. carriers' maintenance more»

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Delta has joined the airlines charging for second checked bags. But what happens if that second bag gets lost? Do you get a refund? Plus, the buzz on Delta's new safety more»

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The AP reports American Airlines has canceled approximately 200 flights out of Dallas-Ft. Worth and Chicago O'Hare for inspection of "wire bundles" on its MD-80 more»

View from the top of the Victoria Tower, the lesser known of the two towers of the Houses of Parliament, towards Big Ben, the River Thames and the London Eye  (Photo: britainonview/McCormick-McAdam)

If you're planning a European vacation in the near future, you'll now be spoiled for choice: The open-skies agreement between the U.S. and Europe is set to take effect on March more»

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New York's Passenger Bill of Rights law, requiring airlines to provide food, water, clean toilets, and fresh air to passengers held on delayed planes, is now more»