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Spring break is the one time of the year when a vacation is worth every penny, but high airfare and hotel prices have many students readjusting their more»

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Travelers will need to factor sky-high hotel prices into their 2008 travel budgets, in addition to high fuel prices and the abysmal more»

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This week, Amtrak announced plans to beef up security at stations and on trains. But will it make train travel slower and less convenient? more»

<h2>Paris, France</h2>
You'll find most of the action on the Champs-Elys&eacute;es near the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower, where crowds take to the streets to welcome the new year. There's also plenty going on at the clubs and restaurants around town. Whether you want to rave at a discoth&egrave;que, watch live music performances, or indulge in one last calorie fest before your New Year's diet starts, Paris is the place to satisfy your cravings. Seek out your ideal nightspot at the <a href=""target="_blank">Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau website</a>.

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Airfare for spring trips is significantly more expensive than last year, and high fuel costs and increased passenger demand are the more»

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Remember when British Airways and Virgin Atlantic got busted last year for price fixing? Well, the airlines will now have to reimburse customers for excess more»

If you're lucky, you may spot kangaroos sunbathing on the beach in <a href="" target="_blank">Cape Le Grand National Park</a> near the town of <a href="" target="_blank">Esperance</a> on the southwestern coast of Australia. Esperance is about an eight-hour drive from <a href="" target="_blank">Perth</a> along the stunning South Coast Highway  (within Zone 3 of the Aussie AirPass). (Photo: Richard Powers, Tourism Australia)

G'day Australia! The U.S. and Australia announced an open-skies aviation agreement that will eliminate the current restrictions on air service between the two more»

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Starting March 31, popular Toronto-based Porter Airlines will break into the U.S. market by offering daily flights between Toronto and more»

Spring break season begins on March 1, and nearly a third of people polled are planning a trip. Choose your dates and destination well and you can save more»

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The European Commission revealed plans to fingerprint foreigners entering or leaving a bloc of 24 European more»

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International travel booking engine Vayama announced its official launch today. The site's total focus on international travel sets it more»