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A new codeshare agreement between Midwest and Northwest will increase flight options. But might it also disappoint passengers who have come to expect stellar Midwest service? more»

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Long delays, high gas prices, increased air travel, record lows for the dollar, and new passport regulations in 2007 may cause many people to stay closer to home in more»

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Pilots say staff shortages, not bad weather, are to blame. Whatever the case, be prepared for more trouble through New more»

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According to reports, AirTran actually gave a urine-soaked seat to a passenger traveling between Florida and Boston. Talk about poor customer more»

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Last summer, Hotwire tried out waiving its airfare booking fees. Now it has done away with airfare booking fees on both opaque and retail listings. And good more»

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You'll pay an extra $10 per round-trip on United's domestic flights. Delta has matched United's increased fuel more»

During late December and early January, it's easier to find cheaper-than-usual rates, even in notoriously pricey cities like London and New more»

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Air France has introduced trial mobile phone service on international flights. Will flight attendants end up serving as referees between loud talkers and their fellow passengers? more»

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The government will open military airspace to commercial flights over the holidays to ease congestion. The same action made travel much smoother over Thanksgiving more»

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Airlines ask courts to refuse enforcement of a New York state law which would require basic services to passengers stuck on the tarmac for more than three more»