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Sonic stain removers and carbon offsets? Yup, Virgin Atlantic is giving SkyMall a run for its money by offering carbon offsets during the more»

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After several fare hikes since Labor Day, United has now added a $5 one-way and $10 round-trip fuel surcharge. Will a capacity reduction be next? more»

This column details the new tensions between families and business travelers due to Southwest's revamped boarding more»

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Southwest Airlines, long famous for its egalitarian seating philosophy, has turned away from its previous ideals with the introduction of its new "Business Select" fare more»

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Priceline's $5 fee will disappear from almost all the fares priceline sells. Will Expedia, Orbitz, and Travelocity cut their fees in response? more»

It looks like American's latest fare increase will stick, though Continental and Northwest are backpedaling on their own similar fare more»

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Adventure travel tour company G.A.P. Adventures just alerted us to a sale it's having on 250 of its new more»

In April 2006, TSA screeners were alerted about an undercover security test, and Congressional reps are looking into why there was advance more»

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Congress is investigating both the State Department and U.S. Post Office to determine if travelers were more»

American Airlines, the nation's leading carrier, announced yesterday that it will raise round-trip ticket prices by $ more»