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The TSA has a request this holiday season: Please organize that carry-on before coming to the airport. But it's for a noble purpose: To speed up security more»

US Airways is expecting an overall 60-percent on-time departure rate this holiday season—which means that 40 percent (or 1,400 flights per day) will be more»

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Thanksgiving air travel may be a little easier this year because of the mythical-sounding "Thanksgiving express lane," two air corridors normally reserved for military more»

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Government investigators smuggled liquid explosives and detonators through airport security yesterday, exposing a major hole in the passenger screening more»

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Consider Orbitz' list of busiest airports this Thanksgiving a heads-up for airports where you can expect all the things that come along with large numbers of more»

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United and Delta have been considering a possible consolidation according to the Associated more»

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Fuel prices are up. Airlines are still struggling for profitability. Flights have been trimmed. As such, recent airfare hikes will be here to more»

Gearing up for holiday travel? You're not alone. The Air Transport Association of America (ATA) just published its Thanksgiving travel customer-service more»

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Expedia's latest Travel Trendwatch report can tell you the top fare decreases for winter, the most likely airports for delays during the holidays, and more»

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British Airways and KLM have each hiked their fuel surcharges. At what point do these extra fees become price gouging? more»