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Unlike many other Caribbean islands blighted by massive resorts, cruise ports, and casinos, rainforest-covered  <a href="" target="_blank">Dominica</a> has made an effort to protect its environment and be the region's ecotourism destination. In 2004 Dominica was the first country to earn a designation as a Green Globe Destination from the eco-certification organization <a href="" target="_blank">Green Globe 21</a>.

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Canyoneering is a lot like rock climbing, except the goal is to travel down and through a canyon, not just up&mdash;and it's a lot more fun. Using technical equipment like ropes and carabineers, and your own finesse, you'll navigate your way by whatever means are safely possible. Depending on the canyon you're in, that could mean rappelling down by rope, sliding down waterfalls, wriggling your way through narrow rock spaces, and even jumping off cliffs into pools of water. 

You'll find wet and dry canyoneering options all over the world, but in the U.S., the desert Southwest holds some of the best possibilities. <a href="" target="_blank">Excursions of Escalante</a>, a Utah-based canyoneering company, runs trips in <a href="" target="_blank">Glen Canyon National Recreation Area</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Box Death Hollow Wilderness Area</a>. One-day beginner courses start at $135 per person. 

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