Wishes fireworks show over the Magic Kingdom (Photo: The Walt Disney Company)

It's now more expensive for families to vacation with Mickey, Minnie, and the gang. Walt Disney World is raising prices for the third time in two more»

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British Airways' admission of guilt in a price-fixing scheme may pave the way for legal action to reimburse flyers. But there is, of course, a more»

Kids on a plane (Photo: IndexOpen)

After Southwest's recent family boarding testing —which the airline swears up and down is not about separating children from other passengers, but just new ways to board families—many have wondered if a family section is really such a bad more»

American Airlines planes wait at their gates (Photo: Index Open)

The broadband test will be conducted on transatlantic routes, but could expand if the early results are more»

Bathroom: Stall with Toilet (Photo: Index Open)

With flight attendants underpaid and overworked, is it any wonder customer service has suffered? more»

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Britain's Office of Fair Trading and the U.S. Department of Justice have fined British Airways $550 million this week for colluding with Virgin Atlantic over fuel more»

Airport security (Photo: P. Wei,

The move looks like a positive development for anyone who plans to fly through Europe, though it may not feel so positive for EU customs officials, whose liquor supplies will surely more»