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Here's the thing about hotels charging for internet access: I hate it. Rates are always too high and service tends to be spotty, and the whole thing is a major racket. But, Marriott's free Wi-Fi announcement is a step in the right more»

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According to the TSA, repealing the prohibition is "a common sense, risk-based security decision," which will allow inspectors to find more dangerous items like more»

A free tank of gas, no extra-driver fees for spouses or domestic partners, and discounted rates on larger car rentals. That's what Hertz is offering up as its "Family Pack Offer," available from August 2 through October more»

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JetBlue and Southwest, current kingpins among U.S. low-fare airlines, are fighting back against newcomer Virgin America. You might say that the "Virgin America effect" is taking over more»

<p>With spring temperatures, blooming landscapes, and less traffic, April is the perfect time to hit California's roads, especially along the Pacific Coast Highway. Starting in the palm-tree-lined streets of Southern California and winding its way along the ocean to the giant redwood forests of the north, this route is one of the most scenic and diverse byways in the country. You can spend weeks exploring the towns, attractions, vineyards, and beaches, so allow at least two full days for a quick trip.</p><p>And don't let the rise in <a href="" target="_blank">gas prices</a> discourage you, because there are plenty of other ways to <a href="/travel-advice/precious-fuels-how-to-save-despite-high-summer-travel-costs.html?id=1243904"">pay less at the pump</a> and save along the road.</p> (Photo: Robert Holmes/CalTour)

The California Drives 2007 magazine covers 12 road trips ranging in length from 100 to 785 miles. Even if you don't follow a trip from start to finish, the guide can still offer ideas and inspiration. And it's more»

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Every year around August 16, people gather from all over the world to pay tribute to the King of Rock & Roll, and this year marks the 30th anniversary of his death, insuring that this Elvis Week will be bigger than ever more»

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Downloadable audio tours offer discreet insight into cities around the world. Here are three sites with tours, some of which are more»

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The much-anticipated airline began selling tickets early this morning. Virgin America will take to the air on August 8 with service between San Francisco and Los Angeles and New York's more»

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Feeling burned by that list of the seven ancient wonders of the world after you couldn't find the lighthouse during your visit to Alexandria? Well, now there's a fresh list of places that are still more»

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Salem's Haunted Passport program offers about $150 in savings at area retailers, restaurants, attractions, and hotels. Available for $13 apiece, the passes will be sold starting August 15, with discounts valid through April more»