Crowded airport (Photo: Elena Elisseeva/iStockphoto)

The most miserable experience known to man—waiting in line at the airport, of course—may soon be getting a lot more»

Photo: Northwest Airlines

Northwest has canceled more than 600 flights this past week because it doesn't have enough pilots. If you find yourself on a canceled flight, you are entitled to a few more»

Photo: JetBlue

Low-cost carriers continue to change the face of the air-travel landscape with new service to smaller airports around the more»

The low-cost airline will add 10 new cities—and up to three new international destinations— in 2008. Cities are invited to submit proposals through August more»

Photo: Southwest Airlines

Long known for its cattle-call approach to boarding planes, Southwest now says it is experimenting with new ways get families more»

Athens, Greece (Photo: Index Open)

If Las Vegas, the city of neon lights, clinking slot machines, jaw-dropping performances, and theme accommodations, is your idea of a dream vacation, then you're in more»

Photo: PhotoDisc

Will airline passengers be seeing higher prices and a more difficult time redeeming frequent flier miles on domestic flights? more»

Photo: Northwest Airlines

Expect some problems if you're flying with Northwest in the near more»

Floods in Oxfordshire, England (Photo: Barry Crossley/

Severe flooding in parts of the U.K. and a heat wave in Eastern Europe have had a serious impact on residents, and, especially in the case of the flooding, will mean a change of plans for travelers heading to the affected more»

Woman waiting in an airport (Photo: IndexOpen)

Tickets are being sold, but Virgin America has not yet received DOT clearance to more»