Airplane on runway (Photo: C. Borland/PhotoLink)

It's been a long time since you could put the words "cheap," "travel," and "summer" in the same sentence, but watch this: This summer, a drop in the average cost of airfare is making it cheaper to more»

North Dakota may be the last place you'd ever expect to find an <a href="" target="_blank">Enchanted Highway</a>, but that's exactly where it is. This 32-mile stretch off Interstate 94, near Regent is magical because of the six massive structures that occupy it. From a giant family of farmers to prancing deer caught in mid-leap, visitors will feel like a tiny ant traveling through a massive world. Gary Greff is the lone local artist who has created and continues to create these impressive structures. Even though there's no entrance fee, you can help Greff continue his work with a <a href="" target="_blank">donation</a>.

Photo: Kate Hamman is the perfect place to begin any road trip, as it reveals the bizarre and delightful underbelly of our country. And now with its new tool, you can create your own day-, week, or lifetime trip without wondering what you might be missing along the more»

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A new chapter in the low-cost airline saga begins today with the inaugural New York-to-London flight on Canadian low-cost carrier more»

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Our blogger recently ended up in empty airport in the-middle-of-nowhere, Alabama. She was angry but not surprised. According to a new study, she's not more»

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Imagine a future in which you're thankful for the drone of airplane noise. Because in that future, your fellow passengers are yakking on their cell more»

U.S. News & World Report has published a guide on which airports will be the most hassle-prone this summer, analyzing DOT statistics on delayed planes and crowded more»

The Alpine Slide at Utah Olympic Park (Photo: Utah Olympic Park)

A really long slide, a bobsled ride, and the world's steepest zip-line make Park City's Olympic Park a must for visitors looking for some extra more»

The Skeena making its way through the Canadian Rockies (Photo: Steven J. Brown)

Those of us who have backpacked in Europe know the romantic image of train travel can be a reality, at least on the Continent. But are we ready to ride North America's rails? more»

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Finding the cheapest gas in unfamiliar territory just got easier, as long as you have a cell phone and know the zip more»

AirTran Airways' Boeing 737-700 (Photo courtesy of AirTran)

After five months of resistance, Midwest has begun to weaken its opposition to an AirTran merger. AirTran will present its case to Midwest's shareholders, a move that it calls "a very positive step." more»