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Last week the DOT announced a new civil aviation agreement with the Chinese government. It will mean more carriers, more flights, and lower more»

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If you're one of the 19 million users the social networking site Facebook, one of the most popular website in the U.S., you can now integrate travel blogs and photos into your profile, making it easy to share your travel experiences with all your more»

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You've probably heard about the man with a drug-resistant strain of TB who took two transatlantic flights. What does the CDC says about the likelihood of transmission onboard? more»

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In mid-July, Skybus will begin flying to San Diego, Hartford/Springfield, and Jacksonville/Daytona Beach, and will add a second daily route to Ft. Lauderdale. There will be at least 10 tickets for $10 each on every more»

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Budget travelers have enjoyed the low prices and extra perks of JetBlue for years, but now the airline's focus seems to be on wooing a more business-minded more»

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Expedia's Travel Trendwatch delivers the sort of information summer budget travelers need most. Plus, it suggests alternatives to the most crowded destinations this more»

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This week, a new airfare tracking tool debuted that promises to help you find the lowest fare and get refunds if you've already more»

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Would you fly for $10 if it meant no frills and inconvenient airports? Skybus is banking on consumers saying more»

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Should you be worried about a legacy carrier acquiring JetBlue? Ted Reed from the says no, and backs up his nonchalance with compelling logic. Let's hope he's more»

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Making sure that babies sleep safely is enough to keep any new parent up at night. And travel, which jolts families into unfamiliar surroundings, can add to those fears. Here are some safe-sleeping tips to put your mind at more»