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The "Ugly American" seems to be everywhere these days. Fortunately, the Culture Smart! series of guidebooks provide the kind of information that can prevent an embarrassing clash of more»

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Delta is the first U.S. airline to offer carbon offsets, but will their efforts really make a difference? Our blogger more»

Roofs of the Forbidden City, Beijing, China (Photo: John Wang)

On the heels of the Open Skies agreement between the U.S. and Europe comes the possibility of a similar liberalization of air travel between the U.S. and more»

After some recent snafus, US Airways is taking steps to improve customer more»

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Sunday's New York Times addresses the safety issues surrounding airlines based in poorer countries and details three useful websites for researching which carriers have good safety records and which are best more»

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Think flying in economy is uncomfortable now? A handful of carriers are considering backward-facing seats that would allow 50 additional seats per flight. Will this give passengers more space or is it just a money-maker for the airlines? more»

It's difficult to travel the world without considering the impact you have on the earth. There are several things each of us can do to reduce our travel imprint on the world, and some travel operators make it easy to more»

Bathroom: Stall with Toilet (Photo: Index Open)

Sleep and bathroom breaks are apparently hard to come by for some air traffic controllers, a problem that has led to runway accidents and flight more»

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There's plenty already written about Dubai, but this week I had the pleasure of emailing with a recent visitor who found an affordable country when she looked beyond the extreme more»

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If proponents in Congress get their way, you could be seeing an improved baggage screening process in the near more»