I've got a serious backlog of information about new and recently revamped destination websites, so I'm going to take one day a week for the next couple of weeks to review them. This week, that day is today. Up first: Thailand, Vietnam, and the more»

First- and business-class flyers can expect new entertainment systems and fully motorized seats. Those at the back of the plane will have to settle for some nice new more» has been keeping tabs on searches and bookings for 2007, and just published a list of the top five most popular destinations among budget travelers for 2007. They are: London, Amsterdam, New York, Paris, and more»

Rain and gloom notwithstanding, St. Petersburg itself is more»

I come to you today with something that's actually news instead of rumor or more»

The merry-go-round of airline merger buzz continues. Where it will end, no one knows. But here's one theory: Continental may be looking for a merger partner of its own, and United may counter US Airways' bid to take over Delta, or just opt to go after more»

But no one seems to agree on whether NWA would be bought or make its own takeover more»

Fuzzy fleece blankets and inflatable pillows are coming soon to a JetBlue plane near you—if you're willing to fork over some extra dough for the privilege, of more»

A proposed hike in the air passenger tax for flights leaving the U.K. is creating a major stir in Britain, but would affect North American travelers as well. The air passenger duty (APD) would be doubled starting on February 1, more»

The merger could still happen, but if I were a betting man I'd file this one under "dead in the water." more»