While the general consensus seems to be that a Delta-US Airways merger would be bad for consumers, there is the potential for a huge upside as well....read more»

Traveling vagabond RaeJean Stokes reports on the very Ukrainian delicacies of cabbage dumplings and beetroot soup....read more»

If I had to guess how old Los Angeles was, I'd say about 96. But I'd be wrong, because as it turns out, L.A. is celebrating its 225th birthday....read more»

The airline will have three round-trip flights to Phoenix by early March....read more»

Contributing Editor and guest blogger RaeJean Stokes is sending dispatches about her monthlong trip to the former Soviet Union....read more»

The lesson here? If you're on a diet, airplane snack food is probably not your friend....read more»

Et tu, Southwest? The "low-cost" carrier is hiking prices as much as $10 on one-way flights....read more»

Homeland Security will require "virtually all air travelers" entering the U.S. (including U.S. citizens) to show passports beginning January 23....read more»

With still-bankrupt Delta being courted by suitors such as US Airways, possibly United, and others, Southwest has just thrown its own hat into the ring. But the Dallas-based low-cost carrier isn't looking to pair up with Delta. Rather, Southwest is looking at the assets that will be left over if a merger does take place....read more»

After years of imitation, Vegas is about to be imitated: Legoland California will debut its Lego Las Vegas in spring 2007. What does it mean for reality when a city built out of interpretations of Paris, Venice, and New York gets its own imitation? My guess is that there will be far fewer showgirls and a lot less alcohol, though Legos have gotten much more advanced since I last played with them....read more»

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