The controversial initiative that would require all travelers to carry a passport when entering the U.S. and Canada may soon be dropped in favor of an identification card solution that authorities say will be cheaper and easier to more»

Codesharing refers to flights that may be operated by one airline but ticketed by another; for example, a Europe flight operated by KLM may carry passengers with tickets sold by more»

Google Maps and the Earth Day Network have teamed up to offer interactive Summer of Green maps of Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Orlando, and San Francisco. These maps show the location of and a short video about eco-conscious destinations such as organic spas, green hotels, eco-car rentals, and nature more»

Florida-based Spirit Airlines has been skirting the edge of offensiveness recently by naming each of its sales as if they were hurricanes (proving that one man's natural disaster is another's PR opportunity), but now it appears the airline has finally gone too far. more»

European Union airlines may be forced to advertise their full fares, including all taxes and fees, to allow consumers to compare apples to apples on European more»

With so many beaches and so much sun, how do you choose among the Hawaiian Islands? Travel + Leisure readers managed to do it, and voted Kauai as the best of the islands. And though T+L readers might skew higher budget than the traveling public in general, Kauai really can be an affordable more»

American Airlines has begun a major revamp of its business-class product, promising more comfortable seats and better in-flight entertainment options. more»

I'm a firm believer that local food should be part of every travel experience. So it makes sense that I'm recommending this article on local food specialties around the U.S. With suggestions such as lobster roll in Maine, banana pudding in Nashville, and green chile cheeseburgers in Santa Fe, it's a delicious 21-destination list that might inspire you (it certainly did me) to try the local bests wherever you travel this more»

JetBlue has just announced its fourth new destination in recent weeks. more»

Southwest, the nation's largest and oldest low-cost carrier, today announced fares and flights for its newest departure airport, Washington's Dulles more»