The Smithsonian Museum of American History in Washington, D.C., will be closing on September 5 for major renovations, and won't be reopening until the summer of 2008. Labor Day will be the last day to visit the museum. So if you've been meaning to go, this summer is your last chance for two years. On the flipside, procrastinators who don't get there until after it reopens will be rewarded (eventually) with an architecturally improved, much updated more»

Already expanding its international route map to countries as varied as Mexico and Russia, Delta appears on the verge of adding a far more mainstream (and potentially lucrative) route: New York to more»

American has started letting customers check in at the same time for both the departure and return segments of round-trip flights when the return segment occurs within 24 hours of the more»

Last week, Orbitz published two lists about destinations, the first looking back at the most popular destinations of the last five years, and the second of "locations that should be on everyone's must see list" in the next five more»

A new J.D. Power and Associates study on hotel guest satisfaction is pointing to a trend that will please many and really annoy a few. Due to overwhelming guest preference, hotel chains are starting to go entirely smoke free. That's both in rooms and in common spaces such as more»

Find out why Travelocity was forced to turn off its ultra-useful flex-search more»

American will now allow customers interested in trying its airport VIP club (called the Admirals Club) the opportunity to do so ... for a more»

Most of the attention paid to Delta recently has focused on either the airline's rocky bankruptcy or its massive international expansion. A little below the radar, though, Delta has also been rapidly expanding its domestic route map to the tune of about 80 new routes since last more»

Last week, UNESCO added 18 sites to its World Heritage List. Two natural and 16 cultural sites, including a historical mining town in Chile, the Vizcaya Bridge in Spain, and giant panda sanctuaries in China were added to the existing list of 830 properties selected for their "outstanding universal value." more»

US Airways last week announced plans to sell advertising space on its air-sickness bags in what can only be regarded as the most creative (or desperate, depending on your view) move in some more»