US Airways stopped sending its weekly last-minute e-Savers newsletters about a month ago, reports the Washington Post, in order to focus its efforts on its merger with America West. The airline now says the weekly fares will return by June 22. more»

Let's say you hate multi-day hikes, think trains are a drag, and get motion sickness on buses, and yet you still want to go to Machu Picchu. Well, unless you're also afraid of heights, you finally have a way to get there. Inkaterra, a company that specializes in nature travel in Peru, has introduced new daily helicopter service between Cuzco and the heliport of the company's Machu Picchu Pueblo more»

American and United have joined US Airways and Northwest in matching a transatlantic fuel surcharge increase initiated by more»

The U.S. House of Representatives has nixed a proposed security fee increase for air travel that would have cost travelers an extra $2 billion a year. more»

A new crop of websites that help Southwest ticketholders "beat" the airline's boarding policy for a small fee are now facing tight scrutiny from Southwest itself. more»

Canada has launched a campaign to encourage gay and lesbian destination weddings. The open invitation blends legalized same-sex marriage and tourism to such popular destinations as Montreal, Toronto, and more»

Pack an extra-thick book before you head to the airport this summer. You may be there longer than you more»

JetBlue is making news for the second day in a row this week, today announcing it will begin service between New York's JFK airport and Nashville later this more»

Four tour operators are returning to New Orleans with vacation packages. The New York Times reported that Collette Vacations, Globus, Cosmos, and Trafalgar are all offering upcoming tours. more»

There's a new reef in town. That is, if town is 22.5 miles off the coast of Pensacola, Florida. On May 17, the decommissioned aircraft carrier Oriskany was scuttled and began its new life as a more»