It's not surprising that longtime trendsetter Southwest has launched (as far as I know) the first blog sanctioned by a major U.S. more»

You've got your plane ticket and hotel reservations set. But what are you actually going to do on your vacation? To help you figure that out, SideStep has added an activity search to its online offerings. more»

Yesterday, I linked to a New York Times article speculating that Airbus might be floating the idea of standing-room-only service on some of its future aircraft. Well, Airbus didn't let this nasty rumor fly for long. According to, the manufacturer's spokesperson actually called the report "crap." more»

The idea behind this madness is that financially troubled airlines may be willing to do anything to cut costs, even if it means creating a standing-room-only section in which "passengers...would be propped against a padded backboard, held in place with a harness." more»

It appears some of the shine may be coming off everyone's favorite low-cost airline. JetBlue announced its first-quarter results yesterday, and the numbers aren't pretty: a $32 million loss. more»

Travel Weekly reports that Southwest Airlines is in the process of upgrading its reservations system to allow for sales of international flights. more»

Earlier this week, United announced some significant changes to its Mileage Plus award program. I saw the move as a mixed bag, with some positives offset by some larger negatives. Here's what my readers had to say about more»

Where else can you read about discounted jazz performances in New York City, inexpensive summer festivals in Croatia, and Jamestown's 400th birthday celebration, all in the same place? more»

Just in time for summer, British Airways has reduced prices by up to 50 percent on nearly 70 intra-Europe routes. more»

Northwest has modified its Coach Choice program to drop the $15 fee for extra legroom on flights booked by its most loyal customers. In the process, the rest of the traveling public gets the short end of the stick— more»