Billing it as "the biggest thing to hit travel since free booze," travel search engine Mobissimo has officially launched Activity Search. Because the new tool doesn't require users to specify a destination, Mobissimo seems to be blazing a trail here. Time will tell if Activity Search lives up to its hype. more»

The latest airline news is enough to give travelers a "case of the Mondays." Reuters is reporting that Delta's price hike last Thursday was quickly followed by similar increases from other major U.S. airlines. more»

With fuel prices skyrocketing, there isn't a single airline in any kind of position to give away free flights. So what's the deal with these offers? more»

First it was drug-smuggling sky marshals and drunk pilots. Today it's the apparent failure of security screeners in 21 airports to detect bomb-making materials during a federal investigation. Is just me or are we no safer today than we were in 2001? more»

JetBlue today announced two new cities it plans to begin flying to later this year: Pittsburgh and Jacksonville. more»

Facing another year of potential losses, JetBlue is turning its attention to less competitive routes where it can charge more»

Yesterday Northwest announced it would charge $15 for some seat selections. Now at least one expert is predicting it's just the more»

Southwest is trying to offset $600 million in additional fuel costs this year by raising its prices. Not surprisingly, seven other airlines have followed more»

Northwest is billing this as "Coach Choice." To me it just looks like we'll have to pay $15 for something that was free yesterday. Oh, and expect other airlines to join in if this scam is more»

FORTUNE magazine has rated the best (and worst) business- and first-class cabins on domestic carriers. Here are the more»