It's expected to emerge today after shedding nearly half its planes, more than half its workforce, and more than a dozen cities from its route map. more»

The end result, worst-case scenario, could be two defunct airlines and millions of stranded travelers. That's not a reality yet, and it may never come to pass. But the fact that we've even reached the point where we're discussing such a nuclear endgame tells the tale of how contentious these next few days, weeks, and months could become. more»

And if you download it before February 28, the airline promises big more»

Continental President Jeff Smisek described rival Delta's SimpliFares policy as "criminally insane" and said the airline "got what it deserved." I beg to more»

Ding! You are now free to pay higher more»

The abundance of cheap seats on JetBlue could be quickly coming to an end. Find out more»

Shopping for airfare is hard enough already, but the Department of Transportation's new scheme could make it virtually impossible to know what you're buying. And the airlines love the more»

Ready or not, here comes in-flight wireless Internet access. Expect a pay-per-use service of some sort to be in place sometime in the middle of next year, with carriers like United among the first to embrace the system. more»

One lucky person could win a six-day Florida vacation, including airfare and accommodations for eight people, at a Disney more»

Airline lost your bags? You're not alone. In fact, U.S. airlines lost about 10,000 bags a day last year, up 23 percent year-over-year according to a new report by USA more»