Sweet Deal: Istanbul in February $599 R/T

Istanbul probably isn't on top of your list of places to head for a romantic Valentine's Day trip—it probably isn't even way down on your list. But if you can see the possibilities, Turkish Airlines has a sweet deal for you.

Round-trip to Istanbul, all up, is $599 per person from each of the airline's U.S. gateways: Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, or Washington, D.C. That's a very good deal from the East Coast, and a spectacular deal from Los Angeles. Buy by January 23 and depart from the U.S. by February 29.

The sale is good only for two people traveling together, neither earns any frequent flyer mileage, and the usual seat limitations apply. According to the press release, you should book through a Turkish Airlines office. Numbers are 800-874-8875 nationally; 312-595-0849 in Chicago; 310-640-8989 in Los Angeles; 718-751-2618 in the New York area; and 703-661-4730 in Washington, D.C.

Sorry, however; you won't see me in Istanbul. My sentimental favorite for Valentine's Day will always be Chicago.

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