Give a Valentine, Get More Miles and Points

Valentine's Day has become a reliable opportunity for the miles-and-points set to do well (add to their loyalty program balances) by doing good (giving gifts to loved ones).

As in the past, this year's best deals tend to be offered by the online florists. But it's not just about roses and tulips. Many of the florists' offerings go well beyond the predictable bouquets to include candy, cookies, stuffed animals, jewelry, and so on.

Case in point (and a subtle suggestion for anyone considering a V's Day gift for me): a bottle of Dom Perignon and a box of Godiva truffles ($249.99 at FTD).

For the procrastinators, both FTD and Teleflora offer same-day flower delivery through their networks of local florists.

Offers Details

Among the miles and points bonuses from the online florists:

Airline Programs

Hotel Programs

Reader Reality Check

Do you plan to earn miles or points for Valentine's Day gifts? How?

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