Free App Comes with 500 Bonus Miles

As do other larger airlines, US Airways wants you to make purchases and earn miles from the hundreds of retailers that participate in its mileage mall, the Dividend Miles StoreFront.

To encourage and facilitate your StoreFront shopping, the airline has released a new free software app, the StoreFront Assistant, that plugs into your Internet browser and works as follows:

With the StoreFront Assistant, when you are searching for an item online your search results on the three most popular search engines (Google, Yahoo!, or Bing) will be tagged with the Dividend Miles StoreFront logo, indicating that a discount or offer is available for that item. Hovering your cursor over the StoreFront icon will reveal the offer, which you can easily redeem by clicking 'Earn Miles' or 'Save & Earn' for special offers. The StoreFront Assistant presents discounts and rewards available to you as a Dividend Miles StoreFront. You can also enter an online retailer's URL and go directly to their site; if the retailer has a valid offer, a curtain will appear with details. Simply click 'Earn Miles' and your purchase will be tracked.

In addition, when the toolbar is active you'll earn one mile for every three searches, up to 100 miles per month.

To encourage Dividend Miles members to take advantage of the new app, US Airways is offering a 500-mile bonus for downloading it and using it to make at least one search or purchase.

There's no published end date to the bonus-mile offer, so it could be pulled at any time.

Deal or No Deal

If you're an active participant in US Airways' Dividend Miles program and make it a point to shop through the Dividend Miles StoreFront online mall, then this is a no-brainer. Download it. Install it. Use it.

If you have a US Airways account with miles set to expire, the bonus for using the app will extend the life of your miles for an extra 18 months. And on an ongoing basis, earning even one mile for every three searches will also keep your miles from expiring.

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