Earn Double Virgin America Points for Emirates Flights

Virgin America added Emirates as its fifth airline frequent-flyer program partner in October 2013.

This upcoming promotion is the first time Elevate bonus points have been on offer for Emirates flights.

Offer Details

Between February 15 and May 15, members of Virgin America's Elevate program can earn double points for every roundtrip Emirates flight from a U.S. gateway (Boston, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington, D.C.).

During the promotion, Elevate Silver members will earn 25 percent bonus points in addition to the double points, and Gold members will earn an additional 100 percent bonus points.

Registration is required.

Deal or No Deal

Promotion pros

  • Full three-month promotion period
  • Additional bonuses for elites
  • No cap on bonus points

Promotion cons

  • Limited routes
  • Low normal earning rates (e.g., 20% of flown miles for coach)
  • Elevate is a weak program overall

Emirates also partners with Alaska Airlines and JetBlue. But the double-points offer is only available to members of Virgin America's program.

For Virgin America partisans flying on Emirates, the bonus will be icing on the cake. Others may find that normal miles earned in a robust program like Alaska's have more value than double points earned in a relatively bare-bones program like Elevate.

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